Unwavering Confidence: Become the Best You Possible

InstructorBritta Nijhuis
TypeOnline Course
DateAug 25, 2016
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Unwavering Confidence: Become the Best You Possible, say I believe in me


You might be surprised to learn that some very accomplished actors and actresses have admitted to their lack of self-confidence in particular areas of their lives.  Fortunately, they have not allowed it to hold them back from achieving their dreams.

Confidence, or lack of it, can make you or break you.  Although it is normal not to be confident in every area of your life, it is important to have confidence in some areas and to know how to develop it in the other areas of your life.  Doing so, can result in opportunities for advancement in many areas of life, from personal relationships to work relationships.

Confidence is not necessarily something that you have or you don’t.  It takes work to develop, but it can be done!  You too can make your dreams come true of achieving success in particular areas of your life.  The best way to do this is by continuing to develop your confidence in different areas.  The areas that you need to develop confidence in may differ completely from that of your spouse or best friend.  However, what you both have in common is that you begin to develop this confidence by taking a closer look at yourselves.  There are going to be things that you don’t like, but be sure to acknowledge the things that you do like and do well.  After all, you want to build on your existing strengths to get the results you want and need.

In what follows in this course, you will learn what confidence looks like, what areas you already have confidence in, and what areas you need to develop more confidence in.  Then, some general and specific ideas that can be used to build your confidence levels and to reach new success in areas of your life, will be outlined.

Just remember this as you are reading.  The development of confidence is an ongoing process.  Most people are continually developing confidence in different areas of their lives, whether it be learning how to speak in public for the first time or how to make new friends.  You can develop confidence too.  You just need to want to improve it, and to practice and work at achieving it!

Let’s get started!

Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction
Section 2Confidence – What it is & Why it is Important to Have
Lecture 2Confidence – What it is & Why it is Important to Have
Section 3The Development of Confidence
Lecture 3The Development of Confidence
Section 4Determine Your Level of Confidence
Lecture 4What areas are you confident in and not confident in?
Lecture 5Personal Confidence
Lecture 6Social Confidence
Lecture 7Relationship Confidence
Lecture 8Workplace Confidence
Lecture 9Summary
Section 5What is Preventing You From Attaining Higher Confidence?
Lecture 10What is Preventing You From Attaining Higher Confidence?
Lecture 116 Myths about Confidence
Lecture 12Are Introverts Less Confident Than Extroverts?
Section 6Practical Methods to Improve your Confidence Levels
Lecture 13Practical Methods to Improve your Confidence Levels
Lecture 14General but Practical Methods
Lecture 15Ways to Improve Your Confidence with Making Decisions
Lecture 164 Ways to Lessen the Impact Social Media Has on Lowering Confidence Levels
Section 7Tips for Being Confident in Specific Situations
Lecture 17Tips for Being Confident in Specific Situations
Lecture 18How to Appear Confident Even When you Don't Feel Like It
Lecture 195 Tips to Prevent People with Strong Personalities from Eroding Your Confidence
Lecture 2010 Tips on How to Improve your Confidence to Speak in Public
Lecture 218 Tips to Appear Confident During a Job Interview
Lecture 225 Tips for Raising Confident Children
Lecture 233 Ways to Bounce Back When Your Confidence Takes a Hit
Section 8Conclusion and Checklists
Lecture 24Conclusion and Checklists
Lecture 25Cheat Sheet to Confidence
Lecture 26Checklist: what is holding you back
Lecture 27Build Your Confidence Using S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Section 9Offline Course material
Lecture 28Offline Coursematerial
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