Social Media Marketing Principles – Gain and Hold your Followers

InstructorBritta Nijhuis
TypeOnline Course
DateNov 24, 2016
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Social Media Marketing Principles

Social Media Marketing Principles

If you want to be one of the major players in your chosen niche, then you need to know exactly how to build an audience. You also need to know how to gain their loyalty and keep them coming back to your site time and time again.

You could spend years trying to figure it out. With failing and making lots of mistakes, you learn them also. Or you could learn the principles that successful companies implemented into their brand/business here.

What you’ll discover in this Course:

  • Making people excited to become a part of your “movement”
  • Treating a powerful brand that people identify with and recognize
  • Write titles for your posts that your followers will be drawn to click
  • Integrate your social media into your blog in a powerful way
  • What the very best types of content are for generating likes and shares
  • The psychology of social media growth – you’ll learn how to win the minds of your audience
  • How to leverage the power of social media to gain shares, likes and followers
  • Deliver true value to your audience

And much more!

I’ve put it all into one easy-to-understand course. Learn and improve your social media marketing.

First Tip of all, don’t post only advertisement. Give your followers what they need. But before you can do that, you need to find out what they need. Don’t spill your time anymore by taking the wrong ways.

Social media as on places as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more is powerful, if used well.
Start Today with the  Social Media Marketing Principles !

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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction
Section 2Provide Value
Lecture 2Provide Value
Lecture 3Don’t Just Promote
Lecture 4Post What YOU Would Want to Read
Section 3Learn How to Create Titles That Grab Attention
Lecture 5Learn How to Create Titles That Grab Attention
Lecture 6Understanding the ‘Value Proposition’
Lecture 7Always Deliver on Your Promise
Section 4Make Your Followers Feel Important
Lecture 8Make Your Followers Feel Important
Lecture 9What’s in a Brand?
Lecture 10Give Back to the Community
Lecture 11Be Personal (Where Appropriate)
Section 5Promote , sell and engage
Lecture 12Promote Your Social Media on Your Blog
Lecture 13Learn to Sell the Lifestyle
Lecture 14Respond and Engage
Section 6Be Consistent and everywhere
Lecture 15Be Consistent
Lecture 16For More Difficult Niches
Lecture 17Experiment With Other Types of Content
Lecture 18Be Everywhere
Lecture 19Case Study: Arnie on Snapchat
Lecture 20Take Advantage of New Technologies
Section 7Create a Professional Brand
Lecture 21Create a Professional Brand
Lecture 22Logo Design Tips
Section 8Be seen by as many people as possible
Lecture 23Go Cross-Niche
Lecture 24Don’t Try to Cater to Everyone
Lecture 25Use Advertising
Lecture 26Work With Partners and Influencers
Lecture 27Use Contests and Other Events
Lecture 28Offer Discounts
Section 9Know and Conclusions
Lecture 29Understand the Psychology of Sharing
Lecture 30Make Great Quality Posts
Lecture 31Learn to Take Amazing Photos
Lecture 32Automate and Cultivate
Lecture 33Conclusion
Section 10Checklist
Lecture 34Checklist
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