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InstructorBritta Nijhuis
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DateOct 15, 2016
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Online SEO Course

Online SEO Course – Start to Rank High With Search Engine Optimization

Take this lessons to rank high. Improve your skills and get more traffic. Learning SEO quick and flexible is more as important. Do it today!

Why Today?

Cause each day without Search engine optimization is a lost day. You can’t be found in Google or other Search Engines. And by this your customers or clients can’t buy your products or services.

This is like a store without windows. People need to look in the windows to know what you can do for them. Even if your name (domainname) is great and relevant, it don’t satisfy all needs. You need to be found by the buyers that need you, that desperately search for your solution. And that is precies what SEO does.

You need to know the basics. A very important case. Google changes his rules often, but the basic rules will stay. Learn what is necessary to get more sells. Follow this Online SEO Course to get advantage of your competition. Be smart and boost your company to a higher level. Let others see what you have to offer.

About the Yoast Plugin

The Yoast Plugin is a treasure. You will hear more about it in the course. Yoast knows always what google wants. It is highly recommended to have a wordpress website, other you can’t use Yoast. This Plugin shows you exactly what to do and how to win.

You will also be educated about backlinks and what social media can do for you. The fine details will come in another course, but with this basics you’re already a step further.

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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction VideoFree Preview

Introduction Video

Lecture 2Transcript introduction
Section 2Keyword Intent
Lecture 3Keyword Intent Video
Lecture 4Keyword Intent Transcript
Section 3Keywords LSI
Lecture 5Keywords LSI Video
Lecture 6Keywords LSI Transcript
Section 4On Site Optimtion
Lecture 7On Page Optimization Video
Lecture 8On Page Optimization Transcript
Section 5Implantation
Lecture 9Implantation video
Lecture 10Implantation transcript
Section 6LSI Content
Lecture 11LSI Content Video
Lecture 12LSI Content Transcript
Section 7Yoast Plugin
Lecture 13Yoast Plugin Video
Lecture 14Yoast Plugin Transcript
Section 8Authority Backlinks
Lecture 15Authority Backlinks Video
Lecture 16Authority Backlinks Transcript
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