MEGA Course Easy Sales Blueprint – To your Online Business Success – PART 2

InstructorBritta Nijhuis
TypeOnline Course
DateSep 16, 2016
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Easy Sales Blueprint online course

Mega course Easy Sales Blueprint Part 2

The Easy Sales Blueprint is by far the most complete and gedetailleerd course you can get to start with your company and to make it a staying succes.
This is the second part of the Easy Sales Blueprint course. To get the whole improvement of your business,
part 1 of the this sales blueprint is really important.
Your Investment in good and relevant knowledge will pay out in a good foundation, that builds your business correctly.

Do you have business challenges? Are you trying to grow your business or want to be your own boss, but haven’t yet found the right information?

Then you’re at the right place. Learn everything you need to know and unlearn everything that holded you back in your success. Start from scratch or redo what was going wrong. But to your best start look from the begin until the end of both parts. Be sure you dit all real good. Become a master-seller of your products or services by knowing what works.

Learn from experienced teachers that already have a well working business and want to help you to come as far as them. Don’t stay trying what does not work. Start today with well working strategies and knowledge. Don’t spill your time anymore! Take Action.

It is my goal throughout this course to help you to overcome your obstacles and reach your dreams. This course goes very deep in al necessary aspects you need to know. Your launch will be perfect and your business will be a growing success.

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Lecture 1Interview and Package
Lecture 2“Law of Association” Expert by Association
Lecture 3Why Learn How to Do Interviews Correctly?
Lecture 4Finding the Experts & Traits of Experts to Look For
Lecture 5Research the Potential Expert You Want to Interview
Lecture 6The Approach
Lecture 7Types of Interviews You Can Do
Lecture 8Preparing for the interview
Lecture 9Interviews are Not Just a List of Questions
Lecture 10Benefits of Using JV Partners the Interview for Product Creation
Lecture 11Money Making Ideas with Interviews
Lecture 12Law of Association Student Homework Assignment
Section 2List Building
Lecture 13Putting Your Opt-in List Building Into Overdrive
Lecture 14How Do I Turn My LEADS Into Responsive Buyers?
Lecture 15Double Opt-In List
Lecture 16The #1 List Builder: Joint Venture Partners
Lecture 17List Building with an Affiliate Program
Lecture 18List Building with Webinars & Teleseminars
Lecture 19List Building by Using a Squeeze Page
Lecture 205 Basic Elements of a Squeeze Page
Lecture 21The Amazing Hook
Lecture 22Simple and Clean Design Squeeze Page Design
Lecture 23The Squeeze Page Opt In Form
Lecture 24Clear and Concise Call to Action
Lecture 25Example of a squeeze page
Lecture 26List Building with Ad Swaps
Lecture 27List Building with JV Giveaways
Lecture 28Start a blog for traffic
Lecture 29List Building Summary
Lecture 30List Building Student Homework Assignment
Section 3Traffic Strategies
Lecture 31Traffic Generation Strategies
Lecture 32Unique Visitors vs. Visitors
Lecture 33Different Traffic Generation Strategies
Lecture 34Search Engine Optimization
Lecture 35Quality Content
Lecture 36Meta Tags or Meta Keywords and Meta Description
Lecture 37Off Page SEO - Backlinks
Lecture 38Article Marketing
Lecture 39Social Bookmarking Your Content
Lecture 40Blog Commenting
Lecture 41Online Press Releases
Lecture 42Video Marketing Strategies
Lecture 43Forum Marketing Methods
Lecture 44Traffic Generation Conclusion
Lecture 45Traffic Secrets Exposed Student Homework Assignment
Section 4Email Mastery and Building Profitable Relationships
Lecture 46What is Email Marketing?
Lecture 47Email Marketing Goals
Lecture 48Setting Up Your List
Lecture 49List Segmentation
Lecture 50Email Branding
Lecture 51The Role of Recognition in a Subject Line
Lecture 52Email Message
Lecture 53Sending out Broadcast Messages
Lecture 54Follow Up Email Series
Lecture 55Follow Up Email Series Examples
Lecture 56Crafting Your Email Message
Lecture 57Use Social Proof….
Lecture 58Use Urgency and Scarcity
Lecture 59Eliminate Risk to Customer
Lecture 60Call to Action
Lecture 61Email Signature File
Lecture 62Mailing Address of Your Business
Lecture 63Provide an unsubscribe link
Lecture 64Very Important: Check and test
Lecture 65What to Promote to Your List and Summary
Lecture 66Email Mastery Student Homework Assignment
Section 5The Joint Venture Partner
Lecture 67What Is a Joint Venture Partnership?
Lecture 68Finding JV Partners
Lecture 69Find them on Social Networking, Twitter, Facebook
Lecture 70Find them on Forums
Lecture 71More places to find them
Lecture 72The Approach to the Gate Keeper of the List
Lecture 73Building Relationships with JV Partners
Lecture 74JV Partners Student Homework Assignment
Section 6Affiliate Marketing Survival
Lecture 75The Art and Business of Affiliate Marketing
Lecture 76Affiliate Promotion Process
Lecture 77Finding Products to Promote
Lecture 78Factors to Consider When Choosing a Product to Promote
Lecture 79Link Cloaking
Lecture 80So Many Affiliate Programs! Which One Do I Choose?
Lecture 81Using Product Recommendations to Increase Your Bottom Line
Lecture 82Getting Yourself Noticed on the Affiliate Marketing Radar
Lecture 83Affiliate Marketing the Monetization Equation
Lecture 84Content Blog Affiliate Marketing
Lecture 85Your Writing Style Matters
Lecture 86Affiliate Links in your Blog Posts
Lecture 87Monetization through Blog Reviews
Lecture 88Creating a Simple Video Package
Lecture 89Using Bonus offers to enhance Affiliate Product Recommendations
Lecture 90Follow Up Email Series + Summary
Lecture 91Affiliate Marketing Student Homework Assignment
Section 7The Product Launch
Lecture 92Big Launch
Lecture 93The Launch Process
Lecture 94Pre-Launch
Lecture 95Creating Buzz for Your Product Launch
Lecture 96Create Anticipation for Your Launch Event
Lecture 97Creating Social Proof
Lecture 98Scarcity
Lecture 99Pre-Notification List
Lecture 100Creating Your Affiliate Program
Lecture 101Marketing Plan and Materials for the JV Partners and Affiliates
Lecture 102The JV Contest
Lecture 103Test and Re-Test the Entire Sales Process
Lecture 104Launch Day
Lecture 105Post-Launch
Lecture 106Product Launch Student Homework Assignment
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