Opt-In List Building – Driving Your Traffic Back To Your Site

InstructorBritta Nijhuis
TypeOnline Course
DateSep 4, 2016
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opt in list building

Opt-In List Building – Driving Your Traffic Back To Your Site

In this course you learn why it is important to have a list and how to build it up.

In the list is the money, so list building is a moest do!

Just think about it. People come to your website mostly once, then they go to on another. Be honest, you do the same.

If they opt-in, you can remind them on the good stuff you have for them.
They will come back or take an offer from out your mails. But this also only if you follow some rules and have basic knowledge.

List building is not only to let them opt-in but also to entertain them for a longer time.
Show them the possibilities you have for them. Satisfy their needs by giving them a solution. Te solution must be real and good.

Use only very good list building freebees.

If your offer is not really good, why should they buy from you? Show them, that you have great products, by letting them see that in your free offer. A warning: Never send them something cheap, nobody needs, they will never open an email again from you. Stronger they will unsubscribe direct. Your name will be a bad one and that is also bad. You really need to focus on good material to get a good reputation. If you have that, they will buy more often.

Once you build up a professioneel list, that is relevant, you can earn and earn.
But never forget, the work is never done, even you can lean back once you filled your autoresponder.

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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction
Section 2It’s All in Your Email
Lecture 2It’s All in Your Email
Lecture 3Create Your Website
Lecture 4Building Your Lists – 5 Must Do’s
Lecture 5Easy Ways to Ensure Your List is Profitable
Lecture 6Gaining the Trust You Need
Lecture 7Making Money
Section 3Leads, Leads and More Leads
Lecture 8Leads, Leads and More Leads
Lecture 9Why Do You Need Leads?
Lecture 10Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages
Lecture 11Finding Targeted Subscribers
Lecture 12Advertisement Space on Other Ezines
Section 4I Have My List – Now What?
Lecture 13Create Your Free Report
Lecture 14Get an Autoresponder
Lecture 15Create Your Sales Pages
Lecture 16Your Ezine or Newsletter
Lecture 17Ezine Theme
Lecture 18Format of Your Ezine
Lecture 19Writing Your Content
Lecture 20How Often Should You Send Out Your Ezine?
Lecture 21What All Should You Include In Your Ezine?
Section 5The importance of building your email opt-in list
Lecture 22The importance of building your email opt-in list
Section 6Masterclass List Building Replay
Lecture 23Masterclass List Building Replay
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