Kindle Publishing Mega Course – Discover All Important Techniques

InstructorBritta Nijhuis
TypeOnline Course
DateOct 18, 2016
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kindle publishing

Kindle Publishing

Kindle Publishing is easy and also not. If you know the how to do, it is more as easy. Learn with this course the techniques and all you need to know. The competition on kindle is big, to defeat them you must know all rules. Knowing is power and power is becoming successful and earning money.

It’s important if you want to be a successful published author that you deliver something to your audience that they already want. The next thing that you must concern yourself with is organizing your book properly. Once you do those things, publishing on Kindle is a piece of cake.

But still you need a plan, a tribe and inspiration. Also it is important to know each step to take. Just going to write a book what nobody wants to read or can’t be found is the wrong way.

In this course you learn everything you need to know and more. You will discover all from step one to the end. Of course after that you still need to promote your book, but you will be sure of having a great book. A book people need to read. They must have it, because it is exactly one they are looking for. Even better, they didn’t even know before that it is important for their life.

You get also two video’s from experts, that tell you how they dit it.


Daniel Hall: How to Quickly Add Video and Audio to Your Kindle Books

Daniel Hall

Erik Stafford: Branding for Writers & Publishers Notes

Erik Stafford

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Section 1Step-by-Step Introduction to Kindle Publishing
Lecture 1What Should Your Book Be About?
Lecture 2Organizing Your Book
Lecture 3Publishing Your Book on the Kindle Platform
Lecture 4Marketing Your Book
Lecture 5Introduction to Kindle Publishing Checklist
Section 2Leveraging The Kindle Book Marketplace To Grow Your Business
Lecture 6Build Relationships
Lecture 7Create Your Manuscript
Lecture 8Publish And promote Your Book
Lecture 9Getting Started
Lecture 10Leveraging The Kindle Book Marketplace Checklist
Section 3Easy Kindle Publishing: Profiting From Children’s Kindle Books
Lecture 11About KDP Kids
Lecture 12Writing for Kids
Lecture 13What to Write About
Lecture 14How to Promote Your Kid’s Book
Lecture 15Getting Started
Lecture 16Profiting From Children’s Kindle Books Checklist
Section 4Easy Kindle Publishing: Profit from Kindle Singles
Lecture 17What Makes Kindle Singles Publishing Different?
Lecture 18Tips to Getting Your Single Accepted
Lecture 19Types of Content Best for Singles
Lecture 20Ways to Use Singles for Profit
Lecture 21Why Singles Work
Lecture 22Kindle Singles for Profit Checklist
Section 5Kindle Publishing to Build Your List and Sell More Products
Lecture 23Why Having an Email List is Important
Lecture 24How Kindle Can Help Your List-building Efforts
Lecture 25How Kindle Can Help Establish Authority
Lecture 26What to Write for Your Kindle Book (Choosing a Topic)
Lecture 27Free Offers You Can Include In Your Book
Lecture 28The Free Opt-in Process
Lecture 29Turning Opt-ins Into Customers
Lecture 30Getting Started with Kindle Publishing
Lecture 31Kindle Publishing to Build Your List and Sell More Products Checklist
Section 6How to Make Money Selling on Kindle
Lecture 32Types of Kindle Products
Lecture 33Finding a Profitable Niche
Lecture 34Getting the Writing Done
Lecture 35Maximize Your Money Making Chances
Lecture 36How to Get Reviews and the Author Bio Page
Lecture 37Creating Buy-Worthy Titles and Covers
Lecture 38Promotion and Marketing tips
Section 7Successful SmashWords Publishing
Lecture 39Successful Smashwords Publishing
Lecture 40What Is an ISBN and Why Do You Need One?
Lecture 41The Amazing Benefits of Publishing with Smashwords
Lecture 42Tips for Success with Smashwords
Lecture 43How Does Smashwords Work?
Lecture 44Producing Your Manuscript, Covers and Title
Lecture 45Formatting Your Book
Lecture 46Publishing to Smashwords
Lecture 47Pricing Considerations and Tools
Lecture 48Smashwords Publishing Checklist
Section 8Grow Your List and Sell Your Products with Content that Coverts
Lecture 49Emotions Sell
Lecture 50Longer Content Converts
Lecture 51Use Content Ideas That Are Proven To Convert
Lecture 52Increase Relevancy
Lecture 53Adding Actionable Statements and Buttons to Your Posts
Lecture 54Credibility, Personality and Branding
Lecture 55Brainstorm Effective Topics
Lecture 56Build Buzz
Lecture 57Content that Converts Checklist
Section 9Creativity into Profit: Your Guide to Self-Publishing Fiction
Lecture 58Are you the next big self-publishing success story?
Lecture 59What if you don’t have a story idea?
Lecture 60How to Plan Your Writing
Lecture 61Speaking of Support
Lecture 62Your Author’s Platform
Lecture 63A Cruddy First Draft
Lecture 64Self-Publishing Options
Lecture 65Your Book is Ready to Launch!
Lecture 66Turning Creativity into Profit: Self-Publishing Fiction Checklist
Section 10Bonus: Listen to interviews of famous Autors
Lecture 67Daniel Hall: How to Quickly Add Video and Audio to Your Kindle Books
Lecture 68Erik Stafford: Branding for Writers & Publishers Notes
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