Create 3D Covers With Free Resources – Video Course

InstructorBritta Nijhuis
TypeOnline Course
DateNov 22, 2016
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create 3D covers with free resources

Create 3D Covers With Free Resources – Become Your Own Designer

Give your Book the Attention it deserves, create 3D covers for your book free with free resources. Learn in this course how and safe a lot of money.

After creating an amazing book, you want that others can see it, buy it or rate it. For this is a great cover design necessary. And if you want to show it on his best, a 3D cover gets mostly the most attention. But if you try to hire a designer, you will discover that they are expensive, work sometimes slow and don’t catch your ideas about the covers.

By creating your own you safe money, get it as quick you want and it will be your own creation. But you need to know one and another about copyright free images. How to make stunning text for free. What programs are really free and how do they work etc. This course will learn you all you need to know. Create 3D covers for free and get amazing results.

No photo shop needed, no need to buy anything.

All can be done without any costs at all. Just learn how to use a free program, where to find all you need without spending any money and become proud of yourself.

You could even sell what you’re creating
Because you know after this course how to do it professional and most people don’t. Everything is possible, ones you know how something works. And designs will always be needed, as also designers. Become a designer yourself.

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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction video
Section 2Intro to Paintnet
Lecture 2Intro to Paintnet
Section 3Image Creation
Lecture 3Image Creation
Section 4Using Cooltext
Lecture 4Using Cooltext
Lecture 5Saying it With Color
Section 5Creating the 3D Cover
Lecture 6Creating the 3D Cover
Section 6Free Resources
Lecture 7Free Resources
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