Boost your Book on Amazon to Bestseller Status – Video Course

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DateSep 19, 2016
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Amazon Book Marketing 9 Part Video Course

This specific training course was designed to help you watch over my shoulder. Step-by-step, to ensure that you are able to successfully and effectively understand how to market your book on Amazon.

Your book is written with a lot of love, passion and time investment.
That should be rewarded. But the market on amazon is crowded and at that way you have to do more. Learn from masters how to stand out of the crowd and become famous.

Your target niche

Maybe you can’t find in the video examples your own niche. But you can always use the same systems for your special target market. There are so many niches, it is impossible to take them all in here.

Also one asked me about free to use music for a book trailer. I will post one time on this site a link to this, but you can always google it. Google the words Royalty Free Music. Sometimes or often auteurs of the music want to have credit, just write their name in your work.

Always go for list building with a free example, a give aways. That is to reach more people. The giveaway can be a pdf with the first 12 pages or a spoken story. That can be the full length or the first chapter. Full length only if you have more books. Jay Boyer shows in his interview how to put a freebee or offer in the book itself.

Special Bonus: Jay Boyer – How to Write & Publish a #1 Best-Selling Children’s Book to Amazon

You will hear at the end of the course Jay Boyer. He gives us his Interview and Notes to this course. Even he speaks about children books, you see the precies strategies he uses to become a bestseller. He also tells us how, when and why to charge more or less on amazon.

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Section 1Introduction Amazon Book Marketing
Lecture 11 Introduction Amazon Book Marketing
Section 2Conversions Amazon Book Marketing
Lecture 22 Conversions Amazon Book Marketing
Section 3Categories And Keywords Amazon Book Marketing
Lecture 33 Categories And Keywords Amazon Book Marketing
Section 4Reviews Amazon Book Marketing
Lecture 44 Reviews Amazon Book Marketing
Section 5Social Media Amazon Book Marketing
Lecture 55 Social Media Amazon Book Marketing
Section 6Book Social Networks Amazon Book Marketing
Lecture 66 Book Social Networks Amazon Book Marketing
Section 7Book Blogs Amazon Book Marketing
Lecture 77 Book Blogs Amazon Book Marketing
Section 8Giveaways Amazon Book Marketing
Lecture 88 Giveaways Amazon Book Marketing
Section 9Your Buyers List Amazon Book Marketing
Lecture 99 Your Buyers List Amazon Book Marketing
Section 10Interview and notes from Jay Boyer
Lecture 10How to Write & Publish a #1 Best-Selling Children’s Book to Amazon
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