Five Ways to Create Life-Long Customers at an Online Business

Five Ways to Create Life-Long Customers at an Online Business

Five Ways to Create Life-Long Customers at an Online Business

Long-term customers are the essential element of any business that aims to create a sustainable future. Online business is no different than those that predominantly operate in the offline world; you still need to offer a remarkable customer experience. This article will share five different ways you can create life-long customers at your online business.

Method 1: Create a Customer Follow up Process

Create a customer follow up process by scheduling points of contact with your customers after they’ve purchased an item from your business. Immediately thank your customer upon purchase and repeat this on the day that a product is delivered. Consider creating a two week follow up call to ask for feedback about your product and their interaction with your business; during this time you can also find if there are any problems that need to be fixed. Keeping a constant connection with your customers will give customers a reason to regularly interact with your online business.

Method 2: Offer Incentives for Repeat Business

Create systems which automatically offer incentives to your customers which come back time and time again such as coupons, quantity discounts or exclusive offers. Break the expectations of your customers by randomly rewarding them with products or discounts when they least expect it. Having small rewards creates positive reinforcement with your customers; it creates an addiction to your brand where customers will continually gain from dealing with your online business.

Method 3: Utilize Memberships and Accounts

Use shopping cart or membership software which creates accounts for your customers. Accounts at your business will allow your customers to easily purchase products without any hurdles; they’re in and out. Additionally, you can use your account software to automatically share deals, up sells and cross promotional items that are exclusive to the customer; this may lead to a larger purchase when they return to your business.

Method 4: Apply the 80/20 Rule

Take an assessment of your customer base and find which 20% of your customers account for 80% of your sales. Consider ending business relationships with the most irate customers that have the lowest return and take up the majority of your time. Use your found time towards your best customers; your extra time dealing with the best customers may lead to additional orders and better relationships between both parties.

Method 5: Develop a Company Culture

People buy from other people. Customers have begun to move away from big box retailers back to personal business relationships that society once had with mom & pop stores. Develop your own company culture that people can get behind. Not only will your employees be able to always make the best decision for the business based on the culture but customers will have a greater reason to do business with you as they find your values and transparency to be one of the many items they enjoy about your online business.


The items detailed in this article are to create long-term customers at your online business; they aren’t cut-and-dry methods to tap out your customer base for all of their worth. Go for the long-term benefit of dealing with your customers rather than the quick sale; your online business will gain a higher profit, build a better brand and have a sustainable future where as competitors fall to the wayside.

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