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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Business

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Business

There are bound to be more than a few questions that are going through your mind about online business. This article will answer the frequently asked questions which you may have about starting and running an online business in today’s technological world.

“How much does it Cost to Get Started?”

Generally speaking, you can launch your online business with less than $100 if you use a combination of free platforms or if you consider that all you need to get started is a domain and web hosting. Of course, it’s best to invest the additional money to pay for quality web development and possibly copywriting if you are inexperienced with internet technologies. Starts up costs are completely dependent on your business; ecommerce websites will hold a higher price tag where as personal services, such as freelancing, are much cheaper to launch.

“Do I need a Website?”

Technically, no. There are enough free platforms online from WordPress blogs to social media profiles that you can create that are enough to operate an online business; but this isn’t a great route for the inexperienced. A website should be considered your base of operations where all of your business revolves around. Although the option is up to yours about having a website it’s still very important that you do.

“What are the Best Advertising Platforms?”

There are, in essence, millions of advertising platforms if you consider that any website may allow you to place an advertisement on the site for the right amount of money. Google Adwords is one of the best advertising platforms to start off for any small business; you pay for advertising on the Google network in which each click you receive on your ad will send traffic to your destination page in exchange for money (cost per click). Other advertising platforms such as those on Facebook, sponsored listings, niche communities and CPM networks are all viable as well.

“How do I handle Payments and Shipping?”

Your payments will be processed either through shopping cart software which taps into the secure servers of the parent company or you can pay an additional amount to host the security certificate on your own website. 1ShoppingCart is popular amongst many online business owners because of its ease of use but there are many other shopping cart options on the net from ZenCart to Magento. Shipping should be set up through your preferred carrier such as USPS, FedEx or UPS; these will give you the best options and flexibility if need be.

“How do I Build Traffic to my Business?”

Create quality content that people are likely to discover on the web. Join social networks and share your products with other members of the community. Implement search engine optimization on your pages to rank them well in search engines. Pay for advertising on multiple advertising platforms. In all, there are thousands of ways to drive traffic to your website once it’s up and running; it truly comes down to creating something for people to go to and then telling them about it.

“How do I Get High Search Rankings?”

Research your main keywords for each product or service you offer. Apply the main keywords to the title, description and throughout the body text. Build backlinks to your pages by placing links on other websites such as social bookmarking sites, guest posting or submitting articles to directories. Consider paying a professional SEO company to do the heavy work for you or do it yourself by using the items mentioned above.

“Should my Business use Social Media?”

Of course! Social media not only lets your business build traffic for free but gives you the opportunity to connect with your market to build a better brand. Social media is about the connections you make with others; these connections can have a positive return on investment through additional sales and market awareness of your products or services.


In this article, you’ve learned the answers to the most frequently asked questions about business. Knowing the answers to these common questions will help you avoid any mistakes and get your business up and running, online, at a rapid rate.

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