How to Drive Qualified Leads to your Online Business

How to Drive Qualified Leads to your Online Business

How to Drive Qualified Leads to your Online Business

A massive amount of traffic is a myth for online business. Just because you have thousands of visitors to your website doesn’t mean you’re instantly successful. The name of the game is conversions and the best way to create a profit, especially online, is to send qualified leads to your business. This article will share a few of the tactics that you can employ at your own online business that will send hot and ready buyers.

Laser Focus on your Desired Market

Create a complete overview of who your desired market is down to the finest detail; create a customer avatar. Figure out what your customer looks like, where they buy, where they live and other bits of information that’s unique to the type of person that is likely to buy your products. You may feel this is a bit excessive in detail but one of the greatest benefits of marketing online is the ability to set modifiers in most advertising platforms to weed out unqualified buyers and focus on those that really matter.

Craft your Web Copy to Dismiss Junk Traffic

Continue to weed out unqualified traffic by crafting your web copy to speak to your desired market. Write each ad as if you were speaking to your potential buyer sitting straight across from you. Don’t be consumed with the massive numbers that’s possible with a broad approach to marketing; keep it small scale only to those that are likely to take action. Your web copy should speak to who you want as customers but also dismiss junk traffic that will result in deep cuts to your marketing budget.

Create Content around Desirable Actions

Create content on your business website with specific call-to-actions that make visitors act in a desirable way for your business; this can be buying an item or as simple as following you on a social network. Always have a purpose to your business content else you’re simply sharing information that your visitors will take to your competitors; catch them when the iron is hot and close the sale by providing the solution along with your helpful information.

Connect with Potential Customers on Social Media

Join social media networks and filter out your results down to your market. Follow and engage with those that are influential within your niche and those that would be great for your business. Customers that share their experience with your business should be rewarded or complimented openly on these same social media platforms. Create fun and engaging promotions where your social media community can interact, share and be a part of an event. Create relationships prior to doing business.

Advertise on Networks with Targeted Marketing

Find niche communities where your customers flock to and inquire the website owners about advertising opportunities. Forget trying to reach everyone on a massive website (unless it has targeted advertising); stick with smaller communities where people are likely to take action and click through your ad rather than pass it over. Additionally, advertising on a niche community will build authority in your brand because you’re the one that’s on the pulse of your market.

Distill Referrals in your Best Customers

Under promise and over deliver is the motto of most business; because it works. Exceed the expectations of your customers whenever possible to create an experience so out of the ordinary and pleasing that your best customers will have no other choice but to talk about the experience with their friends, neighbors and family. Distill referrals within your business from the get-go; figure out exactly what people want, deliver it to them and coax them to tell others about your business. New customers who come through referrals will always be more qualified than those that you may have prospected from a list or ‘throwing a dart against the ‘marketing’ board’.


Many online business owners become consumed with the idea that they must constantly drive new traffic and leads to their website. Taking a shotgun approach to traffic is like a whimper in a crowded hall; you won’t be heard because there is simply too much noise. Focus on qualified traffic and leads rather than going for the largest spikes of traffic. Find buyers that will be passionate about your business and experience something remarkable rather than those that are a one-and-done deal.

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