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A Crash-Course Guide to Launching an Online Business

A Crash-Course Guide to Launching an Online Business

Thinking about launching your own online business? Not sure where to start? This article will share the exact, basic steps you need to follow to launch the foundations of your online business. After completing this article you will have the ground work complete to begin creating online revenue.

Step 1: Discover your Market and Products

Research your potential market and products which members are willing to buy before you begin any work toward creating your online business. Doing the research right from the get-go will ensure that all of your effort and time will not be wasted chasing a dream that isn’t supported by a market. Test, research and learn from your potential competitors into what’s working within the community and then find a niche which your online business will fulfill.

Step 2: Create the Platform for Business

A website should be considered the hub of all of your online business activity. Social media can be used as an extension of your website while content pushed to third party websites will represent your online business much like a sales representative for your business.

Launch your website either through purchasing a domain, hosting and doing your own design work or seek the help from freelancers or web development companies. Expect to pay well for your website if you choose to create a design and layout that is effective for your business goals. Remember that your website is your point of entry for your online business; don’t skimp out on the design just to cut corners during your business development.

Sign up for social media services where you will be sharing information about your business and finding your potential customers. The most important action, at this point, is to claim your listings before others beat you to the punch.

Step 3: Generate Leads to your Business

Begin generating leads to your business by reaching out the market through remarkable content, online advertising and direct contact with your potential customers.

Google Adwords is a great advertising platform to start with for any online business. The ads you buy through Google Adwords will draw visitors to your website every time a user clicks through your ad. Google Adwords works on a cost per click basis where you’re only charged if someone clicks on your ads.

Expand your reach into other marketing platforms such as social media or websites within your market. Create and share content on websites or networks that aren’t your own. Build backlinks and leave marketing messages wherever you go online so users can find your business.

Step 4: Create a Great Customer Experience

Work your hardest to create the best possible customer experience for every person that comes to your website from landing to the final sales process. Follow up your sales by thanking your customers and remind them that there is a human on the other end of the computer that is willing to do whatever it takes to earn their repeat business. Go above and beyond with every customer; you will gain additional business when people will tell their friends and family about a great experience.

Step 5: Optimize, Test and Improve your Business

Continually test, optimize and improve your online business through rigorous testing from your marketing message to the design elements on your website. Every detail of your online business can be tested and optimized to an extensive degree; a small tweak could lead to a dramatic increase in sales. Make an effort to regularly update your business by evolving with what the market demands.


The actual process of launching an online business goes well beyond the scope of this article alone because your business will be completely different than others in your market from products to the company culture you’ve developed. This article has explained the basic steps required for every online business to get started; apply them to your own ventures to launch today rather than letting the competition beat you to the market.

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