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20 Ways to Promote your Business Online

20 Ways to Promote your Business Online

Want to get the word out about your business? This article will share twenty different ways you can promote your online business with very little effort.

Create a blog post.
Create a blog post about your products, business or any form of entertaining piece that relates to your market; share this post with everyone you can.

Write articles for directories.
Write articles and share them on article directories. Articles distributed to article directories will build powerful backlinks to your website and spread your brand throughout the web.

Write a guest posts for blogs.
Write and submit content to blogs in your market. Guest posts expose your online business to a new community and may result in new sales or at least higher brand awareness.

Advertise with Google Adwords.
Sign up for a Google Adwords account, fund it and begin advertising on the Google network. You will only pay each time someone clicks your ad (this is very cost effective).

Hold an online contest.
Find a hot item and offer it as a reward for participating in your content. You can set rules where participants sharer your business, message or does an action that may directly impact your revenue.

Give an interview.
Talk and record an interview with influential people in your market; share this interview with your community and others that want to learn more about your business.

Share a Press Release.
Write a press release about a new event or product launch at your business and then distribute it across the web using services like those provided by PRWeb.

Improve your Search Engine Ranking.
Implement a search engine optimization campaign to improve your overall organic rankings; each increase in ranking will send you additional traffic (and sales).

Engage people on Twitter.
Join Twitter and begin engaging with those in your market or community. Share valuable information and marketing messages with those that are interested in your business.

Build a Facebook Fan Page.
Allow people to become fans of your business by creating a Fan Page on Facebook. Create exclusive deals to entice your community to follow and fan you on Facebook.

Submit your Content to Social Bookmarking Websites.
Submit your content to websites like Digg, Mixx, StumbleUpon and other niche bookmarking sites where each community can come visit your website; this also raises your backlinks and overall rankings for your pages.

Join and be active on a niche forum.
Join a niche forum in your market and engage forum members. Share what your business has to offer along with great content to build a following.

Record and distribute online video.
Purchase video equipment and editing software; shoot and upload video to websites like YouTube where you can share information about your business, drive traffic and build awareness.

Start a podcast.
Start a podcast where you share your best tips about online business to other business owners. Carve out a niche in your market by being the one that is an expert in your field. Create authority.

Develop a helpful resource and give it away.
Pay to develop a helpful resource for your community and then give it away; your free resource will have the potential to go viral and draw major attention to your business if it improves the lives of its users.

Create a manifesto.
Declare a manifesto and how you plan to change the world of online business in your niche. Create a movement that people can get behind; build a massive brand by being different. Use your manifesto to let people understand your company culture and mission.

Comment on Blogs.
Comment on blogs relevant to your niche; you’ll build exposure to your business and links that will ultimately help you rank for your main keywords in search engines.

Launch niche websites.
Create entirely new niche websites related to a specific part of your business. Offer incredible information and link back to your main business. Use niche sites for promotional events where everything can stay neatly organized.

Offer Content on Web 2.0 Sites.
Write and share content on web 2.0 websites like Squidoo and Hubpages. Web 2.0 websites have thousands (even millions) of community members that you can put your business in front of all the while building traffic and backlinks to your site. You will also be able to build authority and expertise through the content you share on these web 2.0 websites.

Get Listed in Local Search.
List your business in local search results such as Google Places. Claim your listings in Yelp and other directories. Every bit of information you provide to your potential customers help especially when it’s updated and accurate.

In this article, you’ve learned twenty different ways to promote your online business. Try each of the mentioned items one at a time until you find the ones which work best for your own business and then repeat the process over and over again until you’ve made a substantial impact in your market.

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